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 Commodity Products Applications including Ethanol, Biodiesel, Hydrogen, SNG and Coal Gasification/Liquefaction

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 Whether you’re investing in, operating or selling equipment to a transportation fuels project, fully understanding the related technical and economic issues associated with ownership and operation of these projects is critical to your success.   EconExpert-CP addresses all of the key technical, economic, tax and financing factors associated with commodity and chemical process applications ranging from renewable based ethanol and biodiesel applications to the production of hydrogen and transportation fuels from coal.

Robust, highly automated and flexible, EconExpert-CP enables project developers, analysts, acquirers and sellers, vendors, banks, consultants, owners and others, to quickly and accurately study, understand and make informed project investment decisions. EconExpert-CP will enable you to:

  • Quickly and accurately analyze any opportunity
  • Value transactions and assets from the viewpoint of every stakeholder
  • Evaluate, quantify and manage risks
  • Study alternative tax monetization strategies including partnerships and flips
  • Structure contracts including product sales agreements, feedstock supply agreements and operating agreements

Now, applying a single consistent and standardized financial model you can perform accurate and reliable analysis during any stage of the business cycle from quick screening of opportunities, to detailed customized analysis to support contract negotiations, financing and asset management.  With EconExpert-CP you can focus your resources on developing and closing deals rather than building and maintaining a myriad of complex, inconsistent and unreliable spreadsheets.
EconExpert-CP is:  

  • Fully Customizable. Integrated developed in Microsoft Excel® to allow you to customize your analyses and to integrate them seamlessly with your custom models
  • Easy to Use.  Wizards assist you in the methodical entry of data
  • Flexible.  An Adaptable Architecture allows you to model projects at a screening level and then to selectively refine your analysis to contract specific and bank quality detail
  • Bank Quality.  Levered and Unlevered, Book and Cash Cash Flow Statements provide consistent and reliable GAAP financial reporting. Alternative and Customizable Financing Options are suitable to structure, negotiate and secure equity and debt
  • Automated.  Sensitivities support quick or detailed risk analysis on individual variables, two simultaneous variables or multiple variables
  • Presentation Quality.  An array graphics clarify the presentation of your results

Tornado Diagrams Provide a Clear Understanding of the Relative Sensitivity of Deal Economics to Changes in Assumptions