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EconExpert-PartnershipsTM  is an Excel-based investment analysis tool that integrates with any energy project financial model (including your own in-house developed models and with the full suite of EconExpert Financial models) to analyze the economics and individual Partner returns associated with limited Partnerships, and to evaluate Lessor and Leasee returns under operating leases, leveraged leases and master-tenant leases.   

The EconExpert-Partnerships Module includes a powerful Automated Optimizer that seeks optimum solutions for allocations of Cash, Profits, Losses and Tax Benefits amongst multiple partners based on target return objectives for each partner.  This advanced algorithm automates the complex process of determining how to maximize returns for partnerships and LLCs without leaving money on the table.  The Partnerships Module is currently applicable as well for fixed payment leases and leveraged leases.  And, CEI is now finalizing a new software product for alternative lease structures including Inverted Leases (so-called Master Tenant Leases), as well as Variable Payment Leases applicable under Section 467 of the IRS Code.

EconExpert-Partnerships supports discount cash flow analyses from the perspective of any stakeholder in a Partnership or Lease, allowing the user to evaluate alternative allocations of distributions, tax benefits and obligations, and cash to the various Partners. The model then performs all of the critical Capital Account and Return-on-Investment calculations for each Partner.  EconExpert-Partnerships will enable project developers, lenders, equity investors, tax equity investors, vendors, engineers and others to quickly and accurately perform Tax Equity Partnership investment analysis, and is a member of the family of EconExpert financial analysis tools including:

 ·         EconExpert-Wind for Wind projects,

·         EconExpert-PV for Photovoltaic projects,

·         EconExpert-EP for thermal Electric Power projects,

·         EconExpert-CP for Commodity Products like ethanol, bio-diesel, SNG and hydrogen,

·         EconExpert-DG for Distributed Generation / Behind-the-Meter projects,

·         EconExpert-EnergyShape for thermal and electric load profiling,

·         EconExpert-IAT for interval analysis, and

·         EconExpert-EDB Electronic Databook for automated and advanced scenario and portfolio analysis.

Tax Benefit Monetization Analysis!

Features in EconExpert-Partnerships include:
  • Wizard Driven: EconExpert walks you though all of the set-up needed to model a Tax Equity Partnership with straight-forward and fully auditable logic.
  • Fully Customizable.  Set up custom allocations of distributions, income, losses, PTCs, ITCs, depreciation, recourse and non-recourse debt obligations, and DROs. 
  • Automated Navigation and Reporting.  EconExpert guides you through partnership set-up and optimization.
  • Partner Benefits Schedules for up to 10 different partner/investors.
  • Comprehensive Partnership Accounting and Partner Returns analysis including:
    • Capital Accounts
    • 704(b) calculations of Minimum Gain Chargeback
    • Allowable Basis, Suspended Losses and Deficit Restoration Obligations
  • Leasing Analysis from the Perspectives of the Lessor and Lessee
  • And Much More!

  A Completely Integrated Decision-Making Tool!


Completely customizable, and adaptable to your own internal custom project financial models, now you can use one accurate and reliable Partnership Model for every renewable energy project you evaluate, providing a proven and consistent analysis tool that is applicable from the perspective of any project stakeholder.


 is a MUST!
Screen Shots from the Model are Provided Below


Partnership Wizard 


Pop-up Summary

Partnership Pop-up Summary

Capital Accounts Summary and 704(b) Schedules


To view these schedules please contact CEI