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 EconExpert-WIND Financial Model for Wholesale Wind Energy Projects

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EconExpert-WindTM is an economic and investment analysis tool for wind farm projects that sell wholesale energy to the power grid.  Such projects are usually under bilateral contracts such as power purchase agreements (PPAs).  EconExpert-WIND is perfectly suited to evaluate any wind project (US domestic or international) with bank-quality reporting, and includes the capability to evaluate alternative business structures and special purpose entities that can efficiently utilize Production Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Credits and other benefits that these projects can derive.  Features include project level analysis, partnership analysis, Monte Carlo wind profile simulations, automated NPV and IRR sensitivity analyses and full leveraged and unleveraged book and cash discount cash flow analysis.  These analyses can be performed from the perspective of any stakeholder in a transaction, allowing the user to completely understand the economics of wind investments from any party’s viewpoint.

For more information, please contact CEI at (858) 566 - 0221. We can provide on-line web based demonstration of the tool and address any specific questions you have. 

The EconExpert-Wind Model Global Inputs Wizard Interviews the User

Monte Carlo Simulations of the Impacts of Wind Profile Distributions on Project Economics

Tornado Diagram Illustrating Relative Sensitivity of Returns to Wind Project Parameters